About Rehab for Mums

Rehab for Mums is a holistic therapy practice in Thelwall, Cheshire and an online magazine that I launched in July 2018. The magazine was launched to help support my clients and create a platform to connect us - Read the full story here. The popularity of the magazine has snowballed and it is now read by women across the UK.

About me, Dawn Jackson

  • I've got 2 kids, one husband and a labrador puppy 

  • I'll be 40 in January but still feel about 27

  • I'm an essential-oil loving holistic therapist

  • My passion is to support women's wellbeing. All the way from pregnancy, to postnatal recovery and through to ongoing care

  • I love birth! I'm a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner and have taught private hypnobirthing courses for over 5 years... I had my own 2 babies with no pain relief needed. It works!

  • I live in Thelwall within walking distance of my two favourite pubs - the Pickering Arms and the Little Manor

  • I'm an honorary Warringtonian... I only moved here 4 years ago 

  • I love paddleboarding, hiking, kayaking, adventures and recently started camping with the family

  • I equally love having an excuse to get glammed up and go to a good party... don't get as much chance for this as I used to though!

  • I'm very fortunate to count a lot of my clients that I've met over the years as friends