Don't let anything fuck up your day

This morning I looked out of my window to find someone had smashed into my car on the street and broken off my wing mirror completely. It's in a state that I can't drive it.

First thought was FFS!!! But I'm choosing not to be pissed off. I'm choosing gratitude..
...For the note that was left on the windscreen
...For having good insurance with amazing customer service
...For my husband getting on the phone to sort it out
...For living within walking distance to the school and childminder
...For running my own business which is flexible

And finally I have learned the lesson that I should park on the drive!

Positive Mindset

Dawn Jackson

I'm Dawn Jackson, Editor of Rehab for Mums Magazine and Holistic Therapist based in Thelwall, South Warrington. My mission is to bring together women to support other women to feel their best in body AND mind.