Inner conversations and the fear of not fitting in

Today I faced a situation that I feel REALLY uncomfortable with - I went to a new mums and tots class.

I used to go to tots groups all the time when my son was younger, but since having my daughter and them both wanting different things, I let them slide. Now he's started school I'm ready to get out and about again. But I genuinely forgot about how it feels when I go to a new one...

My inner conversation goes something like this:
- "Everyone knows each other already"
- "They're much more put together mums than me"
- "I'm wearing the wrong thing"
- "Maybe I should've tied my hair back/ put more make up on"
- "Shit, I forgot to bring snacks and a drink"

Now I've written this down I'm like WTF??! This isn't me. These aren't the things I worry about. How embarrassing - do I really want to share this online... (my inner voice making me worry of being judged, AGAIN!)... Anyone else relate to this feeling of not fitting in?

I'm confident in every area of my life but this situation makes me squirm!!! I got talking at the end to another mum who looked like she had also forgot the snacks. Thought of a question to ask her. Turns out it's her first week too, she has a son the same age as mine and is in the same situation in that she's just starting to venture out to groups again. PHEW.

fitting in

Dawn Jackson

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