Last week I was scared of my pyjamas


I bought a pair of Wonder Woman pyjamas because I was going on a weekend pow-wow/ brainstorming session with 6 of my businesswomen friends who are also in the 'motherhood support' space. We all planned to be wearing them, it's the way we roll.

So the PJ's arrived way in advance, in the post, in a fab hot pink package. And that packet sat staring at me for ALMOST 2 WEEKS. I couldn't open it. I couldn't understand why. I made a few excuses. But what was my block? After a bit of crap clearing I realised that I didn't feel that I was worthy of the Wonder Woman title. What would happen if I put them on?

So I asked WHY. What is a Wonder Woman anyway? Someone confident and powerful? Someone who can change the world?

Do I have evidence to prove that I am NOT those things? NO. In fact, the evidence points conclusively that I AM MOST DEFINITELY ALL OF THOSE THINGS.

I reached out to the girls. One of them said to me that "Wonder Woman is somewhere wearing Dawn Jackson pyjamas thinking the same thing"

BRILLIANT. That was the slap around the face I needed to bring me out of the dark hole of self doubt. It made me smile, laugh out loud and summed the whole thing up perfectly.

I ripped open that package. Put them on. The kids looked at me in awe and said Mummy you're a superhero! I felt bad-ass. And I've been wearing them ever since.

#itsallinyourhead #wonderwomaniswithin


Dawn Jackson

I'm Dawn Jackson, Editor of Rehab for Mums Magazine and Holistic Therapist based in Thelwall, South Warrington. My mission is to bring together women to support other women to feel their best in body AND mind.