Simple Meditation

Meditation isn't just for serene-faced lean-bodied women who attend regular yoga classes and glow in the light of eternal peace. You don't need to be on the beach listening to the ocean lap at the shore. 

You can be in your bedroom in your PJ's, or on the couch in your joggers. It can be a really easy, ACCESSIBLE and practical method to slow down and, with practice, completely stop the relentless chatter of our mind. You can do it to get mental clarity on something, or provide peace or satisfaction.

trust me, even just a few minutes a day can transform your life. If you're intrigued not sure how to get started, you can simply start by putting your earphones in first thing in the morning, taking a deep breath and listening to something on You Tube for 15 minutes. Here's a few I like: 

Of course there are far more advanced strategies for moving on with meditative practice, but don't be put off by the mystery of it all... just try these out first and see how you feel.