Are you making time for your own Rehab?

I spent 3 hours on Sunday at the spa on my own and it was hard. HA! I hear you scoff... Why exactly? ... The process of actually getting my butt there!

  • It was hard to prioritise myself and admit I needed time out of the house away from the kids
  • It was hard to find my voice and tell my husband that I would be going out to spend time on ME
  • It was hard not to be swept away by the tsunami of mum-guilt at leaving them at home instead of giving them a day worth posting on facebook

My head frantically scatted around trying to find excuses not to take time for myself... I couldn't decide WHERE to go, so my head said "maybe you shouldn't go anywhere at all". My hubby had a hangover so my head said "oh you can't go out while he is feeling like shit".

When I arrived at the spa my head said "oh this is too fancy!" "you're not wearing nice enough clothes!" - again, trying to convince me that I somehow don't deserve this.

I consciously swatted away these thoughts and had a blissful few hours of me time. I let go and my body SOAKED up all the relaxation like a sponge... I was so desperate for it.

My opinion of this kind of self care has changed. No so long ago I thought it was a bit pointless going to a day spa because you still have to come home to the same stuff (cook dinner, clean up, get the kids in bed etc) and all your relaxation goes out of the window the moment you step back in the house to find all the jobs you haven't done need catching up on.

Of course, you still have to come home to real life. But if you use your spa day in alignment with positive changes to your mindset then the results are FAR longer lasting and wider reaching.

I've committed to make ME TIME a regular thing (and I'd love hubby to do it too). Something to plan and look forward to. Not something that happens by chance because everyone's out. And I'm committing by blocking out dates in my diary marked "MUM'S REHAB TIME". I won't always go to a spa, it might be hiking or a lunch date with myself or reading a book in the park. It doesn't matter about the what, it's all about the WHY.

MUMS, REMIND YOURSELF TODAY that you can only pour from an overflowing cup! The more you fill yourself up with care and nourishment, the more you have to give to your family. FACT. Not to mention the positive message your kids are getting as they watch you take care of yourself.

Dawn x

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