Why we should be EMBRACING our bodies

I can't recommend enough that you watch this! I went to a screening of EMBRACE last night at Frodsham Parish Hall, with my pals Robyn and Claire from the Female Fitness Academy.

If you've not heard of it before, EMBRACE is a documentary by Aussie 'body image activist' Taryn Brumfitt, where she travels across the world meeting women and exploring the global epidemic of body loathing. The extent to which it affects almost all of our lives was MIND BLOWING and I was moved to tears in parts, and laughed out loud in parts too. It reeeeeally should be broadcast in schools so girls (and boys) can get to grips with this stuff.

The documentary is part of the Body Image Movement >> to find out more >> https://www.facebook.com/bodyimagemovement/

Check it out xx


Dawn Jackson

I'm Dawn Jackson, Editor of Rehab for Mums Magazine and Holistic Therapist based in Thelwall, South Warrington. My mission is to bring together women to support other women to feel their best in body AND mind.