Sleep Hacks: 5 of the Best Sleep Teas

We all get that sitting down for a cuppa is a relaxing thing to do, but do sleep teas actually work? And if so, how?

For a start, sleep teas are caffeine-free, herbal teas and they’re made up of the stuff of you might find in herbal sleeping tablets.

The idea is that these teas create an overall calming bedtime experience that create sleepiness at the same time. Some sleep tea ingredients have a sedative effect, like chamomile or valerian, where as others, like lavender, deal with our stress and anxiety. Having a hot brew before bed might also mimic the effect of taking a warm bath before bed, giving your body another signal it’s ready to nod off.

Here are 5 of the best that you can find in any good supermarket (or order from Amazon using my links):

Sweet dreams!


Dawn Jackson

Dawn Jackson is Editor of Rehab for Mums Magazine and Holistic Therapist based in Thelwall, South Warrington. My mission is to bring together women to support other women to feel their best in body AND mind.