Checking in to rehab with... Nicola Snoad

This week, the awesome RENEGADE COACH NICOLA SNOAD shares her experience of life and self-care...revealing::

>> WHAT she'd say to her younger self
>> WHY she doesn't deplete any more
>> WHY she no longer 'does a bunch of stuff' to find peace
>> WHAT it means to respect your emotions
>> WHY mood swings aren't a problem
>> AND can prosecco & a McDonalds sometimes be the answer..?


In this interview series, we talk to a range of inspirational Wonder Women to see if their life as a mum is any easier than our own... it can be easy to assume they have everything under control, but what really happens behind closed doors? Let's find out how they prioritise their own wellbeing, what triggers them to lose their cool, how they get a great night's sleep, get energised and stay balanced...    


Nicola Snoad

Nicola Snoad is The Renegade Coach- working with 'uncoachable' female entrepreneurs who are not the slightest bit interested in doing things they don't want to do!

This September she is running the SHE Retreat, a space for women who desire to impact the world stage. Click the link to find out more!