How Stable is your table?

You know when you're in a restaurant and you've got a wobbly table, you just can't enjoy your meal until you've stabled your table, well life is the same. Until you have brought some balance into your life, you can't wholeheartedly live and enjoy your life. Stable Table is a simple way to check in and see where the wobbles might be and in doing so, you can choose to re-balance yourself.

Stabling your Table involves a lot of Unplugging and Recharging because how on earth can you balance your table without slowing down and noticing where the wobbles are?

Your Stable corners are:
• Body
Sleep. Nourishment. Exercise. Relaxation. Play

• Mind
The stories you’re telling yourself … are they boosting or draining?

• Emotions
Pay attention to your emotional guidance system. You can feel what you're thinking and the stories you’re telling yourself, even if you can’t hear them right now. Does it feel good or not?

• Soul
Self-compassion with gentle humour. Self-acceptance. Showing up as your true self every day. Living your life purpose

So I invite you to spend a little time noticing the wobbles and choosing to do something that will bring in more balance. I love hearing and seeing how people are doing this for themselves so feel free to post and share your wobbles and your balancing in the comments.

Stable Table

Kit Mills

Kit is a facilitator and coach who has worked in learning and development for the last 17 years and has a passion in exploring the compatibility of our evolutionary make-up as human beings versus the world we live in and the impact that has on us to thrive or survive at work or home.  Having worked in learning & development in various corporate roles and more recently worked in smaller start up businesses she decided to take the leap and set up Kitkando in 2015.  She loves working with people to help them tap into their inner authentic selves, make positive steps and see real sustainable change both in their work and home lives.