Health Hacks: Essential oils for PMS

If PMS affects your life in the run up to your period, there’s good news for you – there are some insanely easy way you can use plant power in the form of essential oils to help. 

Aromatherapy oils are bursting with therapeutic benefits that can help with both the physical and emotional symptoms of PMS including fluid retention, nausea, headaches, skin breakouts, lethargy, anxiety, food cravings and mood swings.

It can be daunting when you're looking at 100+ oils to know which to pick and where to start, but don't be put off because there's so much benefit to be had! Firstly, there are ten top oils that will be most relevant to PMS:  

  • FENNEL - has a diuretic effect to relieve fluid retention
  • JUNIPER - creates a warming action to soothe your aching stomach, strengthens the nerves and lifts your spirits
  • MARJORAM - nurturing to the senses. It calms the mind, warms the body and relieves anxiety and stress. It also helps release muscular tension.
  • GERANIUM -  balances hormones as well as heavy periods. Stimulates the lymphatic system to reduce fluid retention and soothes breast tenderness
  • ROSE - calming and uplifting, anti-inflammatory oil, eases exhaustion and stress
  • CLARY SAGE - works wonders on the nervous system to promote a natural high, but it also balances it to relieve cramps and fluid retention
  • LAVENDER - helps to relax muscular tension, promote a good night’s sleep and is naturally healing for the mind and body
  • FRANKINCENSE -  not only eases painful periods but it is emotionally balancing, producing a sense of calm and peace
  • VETIVER - the oil of tranquility. It has grounding effect and calms the central nervous system, bringing you back down to earth, aiding relaxation and banishing mental and physical stress.
  • CHAMOMILE - Chamomile is antispasmodic so relieves period pains, symptoms of PMS, is soothing and calming for the mind while also reducing muscular tension

So you've got your oils, what next? 

You can easily APPLY your oil by mixing a few drops into a base oil (such as grapeseed or almond oil) or a plain lotion and physically rub it into your skin particularly in the affected areas such as your lower abdomen and back. 

MAKE A WARM COMPRESS - fill a bowl with hot water, drop in your chosen oils. Soak a flannel in the solution, wring it out then place it on your stomach or back until it reaches your body temp. Repeat 3 times.

MAKE AN AROMATHERAPY BATH - drop your preferred oils into some full fat milk or base oil, then pour into the bath. Alternatively, drop the oils into a pot of Epsom salts then dissolve in the tub before your soak. 

BOOK AN AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE where your therapist can create a blend for you and apply it during a treatment. Ask them to use oils from the list above, or describe your symptoms ahead of your booking. You can book an aromatherapy massage with me in Warrington if you're local and I'll give you a little oil to take away and use at home too.    

You can also SNIFF your oils - place a couple of drops in the palm of your hand and inhale deeply and slowly 3 times. Alternatively, if you have a diffuser - I use this Soto one at home and in my practice - you can drop oils into the water tank and fill the air with the therapeutic aroma.

I'd love to hear how you get on!

Dawn xx

* I use Neal's Yard Remedies essential oils in my holistic therapy practice - note that the above links will take you to my NYR portal, where you can order them directly, this will not cost you any extra. Oils are also available from elsewhere, but I trust the quality of these oils. Not all oils are created equally, shop wisely for therapeutic grade such as these.

* Always consult a qualified aromatherapist if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a medical condition.