Any dirty clothes you put in this basket...

I was talking the other day about feeling invisible, and I remembered this video skit that I saw a while ago. It's funny because we can all identify with it, right?

I sometimes whisper under my breath "I'm not a effing servant!"... and on occasion I say it out loud... Do you?

Quietly and invisibly tidying up, picking toys up off the floor, making the beds, unseen like a hotel chambermaid, putting food in the cupboards and clean clothes in the drawers? That feeling that this is not ME. 

Personally it's not that I mind doing these kind of jobs - I don't - but it's not exactly fulfilling!  And then that sense that no-one has even NOTICED that you've done it... that's when those feelings of being under-appreciated sneak in and completely blow things out of proportion in your head. It can start to feel like a personal insult that used clothes have been left on the floor and not put in the washing basket.   

When it comes to men though, their minds simply don't work in this way, it's highly likely that he doesn't do this to piss you off or think himself 'above' these kinds of jobs (seriously, I have felt like it's a personal insult many times).

What stories are you telling yourself in your head? What could you say to yourself that's more helpful? Sit down, close your eyes, take a deep breath and observe the thoughts in your head. 

To be honest, I don't even know what kind of recognition I'm looking for. I appreciate my husband going to work every day and earning money to keep us in the lifestyle we enjoy.. but I don't say it much. Maybe he feels like the invisible money fairy.

How do you show your appreciation of each other?