It’s the buzzword of the moment. I keep seeing the word “holistics” being thrown around – salons popping up with the tagline “beauty and holistics”. There is so much that’s not right with that… I’m sure it’s not intentional, but it can be a misleading or a misunderstanding of the term. Getting a massage isn’t holistic in itself. Going for reflexology isn’t holistic in itself.  

Real holistic healthcare is based on the theory that your health is the living balance of the “whole” of you. Your mind, body, spirit, and emotions are inseparable. It’s so much more than giving your back a nice rub to ease your sore shoulders, it’s about understanding and treating the underlying causes of the tension in the first place. If one part of your body isn’t functioning properly, all other parts may be affected – as a person who lives with a chronic illness myself, I know this more than anyone.

The detailed consultations before each treatment is a key part of what I do in my practice. It’s more than checking if someone has an allergy before an oil is applied! You can expect to be asked all sorts of questions about your body’s health and balance including your posture, diet, exercise, rest, stress, alcohol consumption, toxins, relationships and more.

When you’re ready to start on the path of holistic healthcare, look for a therapist that’s qualified and experienced in supporting you emotionally as well as physically – if that’s what you need. The treatment room should be a safe space to speak your truth, free from judgement and worry, a place where your emotions can surface and be released if they need to be. I’ve cried many times to my own reflexologist, particularly in the early days of becoming a mum with the demands of caring for a newborn. She gave me exactly the right support then and I still see her now many years on. Some clients tell me their struggles of work-life balance, frustration, exhaustion and some want an hour of TOTAL SILENCE because that’s what they need more than anything. Being able to judge that is something that comes with experience and understanding.  You can go from rescue in the first session, to balance then onto prevention within a few months.  Most people find they start sleeping better and making positive changes from the off.

Of course you don’t need to feel desperate before you start, it’s just often the case that mums wait until breaking point before accepting that they need to get back on their own priority list! Have you ever waited weeks and weeks before calling the doctor when you’d call straight away if it was for your child? Maybe we should start loving ourselves as much as we love our children.

With holistic care you take responsibility for your own total health and have to be an active participant by making the right choices in your time between treatments to keep your body in balance. Natural and preventative approaches are an important part of it. Massage and reflexology are part of it, but not the whole picture.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with booking a treatment for yourself because it feels nice, because it DOES! You deserve it. But if you’re looking for holistic healthcare then hopefully this helps you know what to look for.

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