Where are you on your priority list?

You think you don't have time to go for a run, hit the gym, prepare healthy food, meditate, read that book or start that project? Is that true?

A couple of days this week I've "not had time" to juice. Believe me, juicing is an essential part of my own self-care. I whizz up fresh fruit and veg drinks every day, and I feel a lot better for it. But unless I do it first thing in the morning then it doesn't happen.  

I told myself that I had no time, but then I saw a post about priorities by @the.holistic.psycholoist which said that In order to change any behaviour you have to get real with yourself. 

So I let that sit with me for a while and I got real... In the morning, I've got time to check facebook and Instagram, put the washing machine on, empty the dishwasher, make everyone's breakfast and work on my magazine articles. So the time WAS there, I just prioritised something else over something that was important to me (making the juice). 

Last week when I interviewed Nicola Rae-Wickham for this magazine, I asked her where she is on her own priority list - you can watch the full interview here. Nicola admits that she's at the bottom of her priority list but she OWNS that. She's happy she's ON the list, after falling off it altogether for a while. In that acceptance and self-awareness she doesn't feel frustrated or invisible or resentful.  I love that. You don't have to put yourself above all else, just make sure you're getting what you need as well.  

Making it routine and setting boundaries (which is the subject of a whole other article). The kids/partner always need something. There's always other stuff that 'needs' doing - work, food shopping, feeding people, tidying up.  

Do you find that finding time for your own self-care/ priorities can be a struggle? Are you getting real with yourself?