We stock a range of Nutricode Vitamin & Mineral Supplements that help support your busy lifestyle. To order email hello@rehabformums.com.

NUTRICODE IMMUNO LOZENGES (60 Lozenges £18): Especially recommended for all who suffer from frequent colds and wish to improve their immune system. This is also the perfect solution for people who work physically and work out.

NUTRICODE BEAUTY DETOX (60 Capsules £24): This is a product - unique in the world, which will allow you to take care of your body and your looks! Innovative combination of the highest quality natural ingredients of marine origin, i.e. spirulina and active collagen. Health and beauty locked in just one capsule!

NUTRICODE VITALITY BOOST & MAGNESIUM POWER (6 Liquid Shots £21): A unique perfectly composed, new generation product in a convenient liquid form. This is a vitamin shot for both the body and the mind which stimulates you to act immediately!

NUTRICODE HAIR SKIN NAILS (56 Capsules £18): An ideal solution for all who are striving for a flawless complexion, thick and healthy hair as well as strong nails